I have a great passion for Photography shooting our natural world.
I have been a Surfer for 30 years and I love being in the ocean.
I wanted to share the beauty of the sea, as I experience it. When my camera catches that moment, I am stoked if  I have captured it.
Sometimes I must admit it can get very frustrating when you miss an epic moment in time, especially in the water.
I want to share this experience with others as so much is missed thru the naked eye.
As well as my love for the ocean, I enjoy shooting my home city of Newcastle and travelling the North Coast.
From a mystical wave to a magical sunset, I love capturing the environment in my surroundings.
My wife Terry, She is the support of my Photography. She often joins me in my quest of that perfect shot, In my travels.  Enjoy.
My Equipment of choice,
Sony A7r Mark 4
Sony 24-70mm 2.8 GM
Sigma 14-24mm 2.8
Salty Surf Housings
Benro Tripods